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Namely, Viagra is a medication that, when taken, enables the man to achieve healthy erections and keep them until the sex act is completed. It does not matter whether you have erectile dysfunction or not, Viagra enables you to get an erection and that is achieved through inhibition of a certain enzyme which is known to prevent achieving healthy erections.


When it is about the Cialis, which is a medication for ED (erectile dysfunction). Cialis is a class of medication, which is also known as PDE 5 inhibitors that is used for treating male impotency cases. However, before going into discussion about Cialis, let’s consider the concepts of generic and brand products. The brand products are those who have the patent for manufacturing a particular product for example Pfizer use to hold the exclusive patents for Viagra. Later it shared the patents in the market.


Basically, Levitra improves the blood flow into the male organ. However, this is a huge oversimplification, as simple boosting of blood flow is a term that is tossed around without people realizing how difficult it is to achieve this. This is apparent from innumerable natural pills that are being advertised to do the same. However, the only scientifically proven way to do this and to achieve erections when suffering from ED is to inhibit an enzyme which is known as PDE5. This enzyme leads to degradation of cGMP, which is one chemical that is crucial for erections. Namely, it is this chemical that expands the blood vessels in the penis and thus allows erections. When it is prevented from doing its job by PDE5, the erections cannot be achieved, which is why Levitra is aimed at preventing PDE5 from doing its dirty deed.


Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by a condition when a man fails to maintain erection of penis and have normal sexual coitus. The reasons of erectile dysfunctions can be different diseases. The most frequent disease causing an erectile dysfunction is diabetes.
At present, the most known and hard forms and types of erectile dysfunctions are curable, due to medications, such as Generic Cialis, Levitra, Viagra. The occurrence reason of erectile dysfunction can become as psychological or physiological impotence.
At psychological impotence a man can be cured even by his sexual partner, simply having believed in his sexual ability. One of the most important reasons of men erectile dysfunctions is alcohol abuse.
Erectile dysfunction is characterized by impossibility to maintain erection as well as failure to finish coitus successfully.
If a man does not experience a normal erection of penis in the mornings or the nights, it testifies erection disorders. Absence of such erection testifies an initial stage of erectile dysfunctions. At the first symptoms of such signs, you have to see the doctor.